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  •   marzocchi81
       Order No. D20140414009375
       Status: completed
  •   marzocchi81
       Order No. D20140414006662
       Status: completed
  •   ribbox
       Order No. 20140411017846
       Status: completed
  •   marzocchi81
       Order No. 20140401221171
       Status: completed
  •   marzocchi81
       Order No. 20140328122530
       Status: completed
  •   jingyuan.ljy
       Order No. 20140326203763
       Status: completed
  •   digitalian
       Order No. D20131203164385
       Status: completed
  •   nikkibyrne
       Order No. D20131130198977
       Status: completed
  •   Carolyeo
       Order No. D20131130195070
       Status: completed
  •   sandi
       Order No. D20131130188933
       Status: completed


ribbox 2014/04/11PLace order please
when would my order placed?
Hi ribbox, your order will not be placed as you have applied for a refund with paypal. The funds have been held with them and we have not successfully withdrawn the funds. Thanks.
Chinfang 2014/04/03Error when pasting URL
Hi please advise why when I paste the URL it show error msg?
Hi Chinfang, our team has corresponded with you via email. Thanks.
Shannyloves 2014/03/28URL link
Hi, I wonder how come my URL link from the website, then when paste on the spree pg and click, why I cannot see the picture of the item that I wish to purchase??? Could you pls give me advise?. Thank you so much.Pls reply ASAP.
Hi Shannyloves, our website decoding system is under maintenance. Please email your order details to for us to prepare a manual costing sheet for you. Thanks.
jingyuan.ljy 2014/03/26order number: 20140326203763
Have just created my order as per order number above. however, i am not sure if i have keyed in the correct shipping fees. please advise. thank you.
Hi jingyuan.ljy, our cs team has sent you an email, please provide them the necessary details via email. Thanks.
cychew99 2014/03/21 Order No: 20140310162550
May I check what is the status?
Hi cychew99, your order has arrived, please check the billing of the freight charges via email. Thanks.
guanhe23 2014/02/10order
Hi, I like to check my orders is it been processed? Do you have any status of it or where can i view the status? Regards, Guanhe
Dear guanhe, your order have processed, seller have send out the items yet
guanhe23 2014/01/26Payment done
Hi, Like to ask, where can i check on the status of my order after i have made my payment via transfer? And how long will it take now? Regards, Guanhe
Hi guanhe23, please check your email as our customer service team is in touch with you for some issues. Thanks.
guanhe23 2014/01/14Quotation
Hi, This is the first time i purchasing from taobao, please guide me on the purchase. I like to purchase 2 of the following from taobao. Can you tell me how much will the total cost be if i were to purchase and ship by your company. How long will it take? Thank you. Regards, Guanhe
Hi guanhe23, the item above has 2 model available, electric operated and battery operated. We need you to let us know the type you wish to purchase, kindly email to with the details while we do the costing for you. Currently our website's spree cart system is down, we can only prepare offline costing sheets for you. Freight charges from China to Singapore are not possible to be estimated by us. However the shipping rate for this item would be 1st 500g SGD 8.00, subsequent 500g SGD 3.80, billing weight depends on the gross volumetric weight or gross nett weight, whichever is higher. Delivery normally take 1-3 working days by the seller to our china office, while export to Singapore takes 3-5 working days to reach. Thanks.
reevecheong 2014/01/02Spree Shipping
May i check how long would it take to ship from china to Singapore? How much would the shipping cost be if i opt for sea shipping? Air shipping? I have about 6 items weighted around 3-4kgs. (4 shirt, 1 glove and 1 shoe) Thank you.
Dear Customer , There no sea shipping for now. For air shipping is First 500g = $8 , Subsequent 500g = $3.80 For 3kg is (3.80x5)+8 = $27.00 For 4kg is (3.80x7)+8 = $34.60
maridelninonuevo 2013/12/14Coupon Code No. 1848-256952472
Please check my order because I ordered it a month ago and until now, it hasn't been delivered. I already sent email immediately for redemption but there was no reply.
Hi maridelninonuevo, please email to for immediate attention. Ensure that the email address is correctly sent. Thanks.
aricagxn 2013/12/04Email
Hi, Since the order form was down and orders were made through email, I have sent payment and my items have not arrived. I also have not heard from you in regards to the verification of payment. My email address is
Hi aricagxn, your out of system 2nd order has already been processed. Thanks.
Carolyeo 2013/12/02Wrong weight
Hi, Can you help me check the weight of my items again? I've bought a U-shape neck pillow and the weight is more than 2kg.How can a neck pillow be more than 2kg? Kindly help to check the weight for other items as well.Thanks
Hi Carolyeo, please get our staff on duty at the collection point to verify the item's dimensions when you do your self collection. Thanks.
Carolyeo 2013/12/01Self collection
Hi, I would like to self collect at jln klinik. Can I just go anytime between 6.45pm-7.30pm on weekdays? Can I make the shipping payment when I do the collection?
Hi Carolyeo, our collection point is no longer at Jalan Klinik. Please visit 27 West Coast Highway #02-22 Unit GH53, Westway, S(117867). The nearest MRT station is Haw Par Villa Circle Line station, and the building is just opposite the exit of the station. Weekdays opening hours is from 4pm to 8pm, weekends opening hours is from 10am to 2pm. You are advised to arrange delivery in our system prior to collection at least 1 day in advance. Shipping payment can be made in cash at the collection point, do bring exact payment as sometimes the petty cash box will run out of change. Thanks.
stephylim 2013/11/29cant order at your spree cart page
hi, i paste the url and click buy now. But the seller name, product url and price and the items pics did not appear at all and its left blank.I tried other links but it still dont work. Please help! Thanks!
Hi stephylim, please email the URLs and quantity to for our team to tabulate the costing sheet for you. Our spree cart is not working at this moment and our IT team are working on it to resolve this issue. Thanks.
jojotsy 2013/11/26Status Delivery
Hi Seller, my order no 20131104071662 and 20131103205669 . Almost 1 month, what is the status for my item?
Hi jojotsy, the items have arrived our local office today. This order was delayed during the local customs import due to the suspected use of illegal animal origin leather for some of the items and it was held back for almost a week until we furbished the necessary paperwork for them to release the cargo. You will be receiving an email from us soon for the delivery arrangements. Thanks.
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