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  •   boonteck5
       Order No. D20140723156346
       Status: Pending payment
  •   eunicecjy
       Order No. 20140715003601
       Status: partially completed
  •   eunicecjy
       Order No. 20140714205369
       Status: partially completed
  •   eunicecjy
       Order No. 20140711143439
       Status: partially completed
  •   eunicecjy
       Order No. 20140708222574
       Status: partially completed
  •   eunicecjy
       Order No. 20140708197937
       Status: partially completed
  •   eunicecjy
       Order No. 20140706133818
       Status: partially completed
  •   marzocchi81
       Order No. D20140702203349
       Status: completed
  •   boonteck5
       Order No. 20140629228596
       Status: completed
  •   marzocchi81
       Order No. 20140619176253
       Status: completed


boonteck5 2014/07/22My order
hi May I know is my Order No: 20140629228596, arrived?
Hi boonteck5, your order has arrived, our team is finalizing the billing and will send you the bill to your email. Thanks.
guanhe23 2014/07/21Rio Cocktail
Hi, Please help to provide an estimate cost for my following order of Rio cocktail, 24 bottles. Thank you. REgards, Guanhe
Hi guanhe23, could you please forward the URL of the product to as our system only captured the cost you input. Thanks.
boonteck5 2014/07/07Expected date to receive
hi May I know when is the expected date to receive the goods for Order No: 20140629228596? Thanks!
Hi boonteck5, your order is with the china domestic courier team, estimated arrival date quoted to us was 11 July. Based on the special air departure schedule on every Monday and Wednesday, goods are scheduled to leave on 14 July which is ETA our office within next 3-5 working days (subject to customs clearance). Thanks.
boonteck5 2014/06/30Email confirmation
hi, I have placed order for Order No: 20140629228596 am I suppose to receive confirmation of my order in email? Thanks!
Hi boonteck5, our china team has purchased your item successfully. Thanks.
jtxm97 2014/06/20error pasting item url
pasted item's url but there seems to have some technical fault? do check on that! many thanks.
Hi jtxm97, please email your order to for us team to assist you in your order. Thanks.
fashionbox505 2014/06/12My order
Hello, I have given the URL but there's no response after that. Kindly advise. thank you.
Hi fashionbox505, please confirm the option required, there is 海盗喷水池, 海盗喷水池+手泵, 海盗喷水池+电泵 3 different options available. Thanks.
fashionbox505 2014/05/2920140526126601
hi, I would like to ask about my statues on my order 20140526126601 Kindly advise.
Hi fashionbox505, we have sent you an email requesting for item's URL. Please check your mailbox and reply to our customer service team so that we can process your order. Thanks.
Shannyloves 2014/04/29Payment received?
Hi, The transaction reference is 12483244078. Pls double check and confirm that is received. Thank you so much.
Hi Shannyloves, payment received, however we require some assistance from you. Please check your email and reply us from there. Thanks.
koh.diana 2014/04/22Remove my inquiry 20130119141904
Dear in charge, My contact number can be found in the public domain as I have posted an inquiry with it. Please kindly assist to remove the inquiry 0130119141904. Thank you.
Hi, your previous enquiry has been set to private mode. Thanks.
ribbox 2014/04/11PLace order please
when would my order placed?
Hi ribbox, your order will not be placed as you have applied for a refund with paypal. The funds have been held with them and we have not successfully withdrawn the funds. Thanks.
Chinfang 2014/04/03Error when pasting URL
Hi please advise why when I paste the URL it show error msg?
Hi Chinfang, our team has corresponded with you via email. Thanks.
Shannyloves 2014/03/28URL link
Hi, I wonder how come my URL link from the website, then when paste on the spree pg and click, why I cannot see the picture of the item that I wish to purchase??? Could you pls give me advise?. Thank you so much.Pls reply ASAP.
Hi Shannyloves, our website decoding system is under maintenance. Please email your order details to for us to prepare a manual costing sheet for you. Thanks.
jingyuan.ljy 2014/03/26order number: 20140326203763
Have just created my order as per order number above. however, i am not sure if i have keyed in the correct shipping fees. please advise. thank you.
Hi jingyuan.ljy, our cs team has sent you an email, please provide them the necessary details via email. Thanks.
cychew99 2014/03/21 Order No: 20140310162550
May I check what is the status?
Hi cychew99, your order has arrived, please check the billing of the freight charges via email. Thanks.
guanhe23 2014/02/10order
Hi, I like to check my orders is it been processed? Do you have any status of it or where can i view the status? Regards, Guanhe
Dear guanhe, your order have processed, seller have send out the items yet
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